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I have wanted to be a doctor since I was sixteen. Now I am completing my fourth and final year as a resident at the University of Cincinnati in the Internal Medicine/ Pediatric program. Below are links that helped me survive residency. With more and more information out there, it's important that attendings, residents, medical students and those practicing in the community take full advantage of the Internet.

This site is especially for residents/ postgraduate students. As a fourth-year Med/Peds I have finally got some time away from the hospital. I can once again see the sun and hear the birds chirping and more often find myself sleeping in my own bed beside my husband instead of a drafty call room. With the extra time I have developed this site so that when I go back to the hospital my favorite resources on the web are more readily available. I hope you find these links as useful to you as they have been to me. If any links are broken or you know of some other great sites please e-mail me and let me know.

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On-line Resources/ References
  • The Black Health Net-- an excellent site for the layperson with special emphasis on many of the diseases that especially affect African-Americans.
  • Black Women's Health
  • The Doctor's Page
  • EKG Library--shows basic EKGs of multiple conditions like RBBB, inferior MI, hyperkalemia and more.
  • Health A to Z--another excellent site for the layperson with a special area for health professionals.
  • Martindale's Health Science Guide- A fairly thorough set of links to a number of medical topics.
  • MD Consult--My favorite site! Most of the "Bibles" in medical textbooks and over 40 journals with full text articles. Free 10 day pass but it's definitely worth the money so sign up.$$$
  • MedConnect- A sister site to Health A-to-Z meant for those in the health profession.  It has special sections on pediatrics and managed care.
  • Med-Peds: Combined Internal Medicine & Pediatrics --a fantastic source of information about medicine and pediatrics.
  • Med/Peds Resources on the Web
  • Medscape- A free site with lots of reviews and practical tools for residents and practicing physicians
  • National Guideline Clearinghouse--over 200 evidence-based practice guidelines submitted by over 50 health care organizations and other entities.
  • National Library of Medicine- Medline, Medline Plus and more
  • TRAUMA.ORG--Interactive case presentations and moulages sharpen your skills for handling trauma. The moulages are unique and an excellent learning tool.
  • UpToDate Online -An online version of an excellent resource giving you a wide range of internal medicine topics with the latest information available.  The only downside is that it's pretty expensive more of an attending level type price. $$$
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This site was last updated on August 24, 2003

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My Disclaimer: While these links have all been visited by me at least briefly I cannot guarantee their accuracy or reliability and they are not a replacement for information or advice from a medical professional. This site is primarily intended for those in the health profession and is not the place for requesting advice on an individual's health. Personal medical questions will not be answered!!!

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