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Scrapbook Page for Alanna Joyce Hunter

Alanna Hunter, May 1990

I graduated from Hickman Mills High School in 1990, a member of the National Honor Society, a National Merit Finalist and with a full academic scholarship to Howard University.

Alanna Hunter, June 1994

For our honeymoon Keith and I spent about a week in the Poconos riding horseback, playing miniature golf and paddleboating. Of course we were engaged in some additional activities in our honeymoon suite but I won't go into that!

Alanna Hunter, age 7?

Alanna Hunter and Keith Lee, January 1992

Alanna Hunter, 1993-1994

This picture was taken at Keith's apartment when he lived with either Buck or Ray before we were married. This picture was taken after I graduated from Howard University.

Alanna, Kaci, Dee, 1988-1990

Alanna Hunter, 1989-1990

This was one of the glamour photos taken my senior year of high school.