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Scrapbook Page for Cornelius Hunter

Cornelius Hunter, 1980's, exact date unk

A teacher, this photo was taken for the school yearbook. There are very few pictures of my dad because he hated getting his picture taken. I wish I had more pictures of him since he died when I was so young (16 yo).

Cornelius, Mae, Alanna, Kaci and Dee, date 1984-1986?

The last family portrait before my dad's death. I am pretty sure that I was 14, Kaci was 7 and Dee was 4 in this picture although we might have been a couple years older than that.

Cornelius and Mae Hunter, date late 70's to early 80's

I don't remember when this was taken but since my mom had a short afro instead of a curl I know it was before the mid 80's.