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In addition to trying to be one of the world's greatest physicians, I want to be an excellent homemaker. Yes, I know the superwoman complex, I can't help it. When I'm not reading Octavia Butler or watching something on the Sci-Fi channel I try to cook real food and keep my house from looking like it's just been through a tornado.



My children were born in 2002 and they will be part of the 21st century in a unique way. When I realized that my children would be born in the 21st Century I wanted to make sure I could tell them of their past , who their "people" are, and where they have come from so I started tracing the family tree back in 1999.  I can now trace back their "lineage" back to the 1850's- nearly 150 years!   I am still a beginner genealogist but I am enjoying the learning and the discoveries.

Recipes   -Some of my favorite recipes have come from the sites below
  • Betty Crocker Recipes- Has a what's for dinner feature, you tell them what ingredients are in your kitchen and they give you some recipes.
  • Campbell's Kitchen - Recipe Box
  • Cooking.com
  • HandyShopper 2- This is a palm application (it's free) that let's you keep a shopping list for various stores.
  • The Lipton Kitchen-They can help you make more than just soup or tea.
  • Meals.com- I keep a recipie box with favorite recipes and meal plans here to make cooking and grocery shopping easier.
  • DietwatchWhile I love good food I also want to keep a good looking figure so I try to keep track of what I am eating and this program is a great weight-loss program that helps you keep a diary of your food intake, has articles on nutrition, diet and exercise and a newsletter and chat room where you can get encouragement.  Best of all it's free!
Decorating the home (or apartment)   After I started watching the Home and Garden channel on cable I started looking for decorating sites on the Internet for ideas on beautifying my apartment.  Now I am slowly turning my new house into a home with personal touches in every room.
Home buying   -My husband and I bought our first home 3/2000.  It is a gorgeous condo in Finneytown in Cincinnati.  I used the sites below a lot to get a feel for what was out on the market.

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